With Wine By Air International’s 23 years of experience in moving wine collections, you can be assured your wine is in the best hands possible. We have facilitated thousands of wine moves and are well-versed in the needs and expectations of wine owners, relocation/moving companies and anyone wanting their wine shipped properly. Our in-house staff is experienced the wine industry, as are most of our packing agents throughout the U.S.

Your wine move will begin with a friendly, wine-knowledgeable representative calling you to discuss your wine in order to tailor your relocation to your specific needs. Every wine collection and moving situation is different, and we come prepared. We even have back-up plans in place for all possible contingencies.

Our wine packing agent(s) will come to your home, carefully remove your wine bottles from their racks, or storage area, and package them in insulated, protective reusable polystyrene boxes. The interiors are custom-shaped according to wine bottle size and hold the necks securely. The boxes are then labeled with your name, and handling labels for gentle, climate-controlled transport.

Your wine is moved via airfreight* in a climate-controlled environment. The gentle suspension and speed of air travel minimize vibration and stirring of sediments, as well as reducing the length of time your wine is traveling.

Upon arrival the destination airport, your wine is either promptly recovered for expedited delivery to your new home (by appointment), or placed in a cooler** pending recovery by our delivery courier.

International Shipping

Wine By Air International provides professional wine shipping services for export as well. Since international wine shipping can be very challenging due to the many laws, regulations and restrictions (that that are ever-changing and different in each country) you will find our knowledge and experience invaluable. Please call for a quote. Three cases or more is most economical, although we can ship any quantity.

*Ground transport is also available.

**Coolers are available at most major airports.