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Wine By Air International wine movers has more than 25 years of experience with wine collection relocation. We have successfully completed thousands of wine moves and are well-versed in the needs and expectations of wine owners and relocation companies. Our experienced in-house staff and packing agents use their knowledge of the wine industry to properly pack your wine for safe transport.



Wine By Air International | Wine moving SpecialistsMoving Your Wine

Your wine move will begin with a friendly, wine-knowledgeable representative calling to discuss your wine and specific requirements. We know every wine collection and the moving situation is different. Tailoring your wine collection relocation to meet your needs is key. We come prepared and always have back-up plans in place for any possible contingencies.


Wine StorageWine Moving Services

Our wine packing agent(s) come to your home by scheduled appointment. They will carefully remove your wine bottles from their racks or storage area. They will pack your wine in insulated, protective reusable polystyrene boxes. The interior of the boxes is custom-shaped, according to wine bottle size, to ensure the bottles remain secure during transport. Each box has your identification information and handling instructions affixed to ensure safe, climate-controlled wine transport.


Wine TransportationWine Transportation

Once packing is complete, your wine will be moved via air freight* in a climate-controlled environment. The gentle suspension and speed of air travel minimize vibration and stirring of sediments, as well as reducing the length of time your wine is traveling. Once the wine arrives at the destination airport, it will be promptly recovered. Finally, your wine will be either delivered to your new home (by appointment) or placed in a cooler** for holding until recovery by our delivery courier.


International Shipping

Wine By Air International provides professional wine shipping services for export as well. When exporting wine it can get extremely complicated, if you aren’t familiar with wine shipping laws. Each county has its own customs restrictions and regulations that are constantly changing. You will find our knowledge and experience invaluable to help navigate through the shipping process. We can ship any quantity of bottle or cases, however, three cases or more is the most economical. Please call us for a quote at (650) 989-8406.


* Ground transport is also available.
** Coolers are available at most major airports.


Questions about the services that Wine By Air International offers please call (650) 989-8406.
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