About us

Wine By Air International was founded in 1993 by Michael B. Gillespie. Mike was then working for both a premier fine wine shop and a major international air express company. One during the day, the other at night. At both jobs, he had people asking him to ship their wine purchases and gifts overseas. Neither of his employers did this at the time. So through his industry contacts, Mike assembled a network of wine specialists, freight forwarders, customs brokers…and a cool name: Wine By Air International. As a result, both of his previous employers, among other businesses, began referring their customers interested in international wine shipping to Mike.

Soon afterwards, Mike began getting calls from moving companies asking him to move wine collections for them, temperature-controlled, saying they heard he was the only one that could do this. In response to an obvious growing need, Mike expanded his network of transportation and wine specialists, and begin to provide full-service wine collection relocation services to the moving companies as well as individuals who sought him out.

Wine By Air has grown exponentially since that time. We now have a network of hundreds of associates worldwide, we pack and relocate wine collections in all 50 states, and export wine collections, gifts, and purchases to many countries.