Wine By Air Wine Relocation Servce
wine collection relocation service

Personal Shipments

Corporate Gifts

Wine By Air International specializes in exporting wine for non-commercial use—meaning it won’t be sold for profit once it gets to its destination.

Our customers include:
  • Individuals wishing to send a gift of wine to someone in another country.
  • Businesses that want to send a corporate gift of wine to an overseas partner, affiliate or colleague.
  • Tourists who are visiting the California wine countries and need to send their wine purchases to their home country.
  • Wine shops and wineries whose customers purchase wine to be sent to an international destination.
Our service includes:
  • Pick-up of your wine (in California).
  • Custom packaging in insulated, wine bottle contoured, styrene packaging.
  • Preparation of all export documents, specific to your destination country.
  • Determination of tax and duty, billed to sender or receiver.
  • Air Freight (flown by commercial airline)
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Front door delivery

For a list of Overseas Shipping Rates, click here.

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